The Ultimate Documentation Solution Designed Just for Your Independent Agency and EPIC®

Bluewave, an Applied Client Network Silver Partner, provides the ONLY start to finish, fully integrated documentation solution for EPIC® users. Our solution will skyrocket the amount of documentation into EPIC®, prevent oversights, and cut the time to do it to ZERO. 

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Customer Engagement

  • World Class VoIP BUILT IN
  • Geographic Redundancy
  • 99.999% Up-time
  • Crystal Clear Calls

Call Management

  • Enhanced Call Management tools
  • Automated Account Lookup
  • Presence
  • Chat
  • Multi-Office Connectivity
  • Advanced Call Queues
  • Live Call Monitoring

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Superior Documentation

  • Call Recordings transferred automatically hands free
  • Permanent Record of All Calls
  • Increase documentation rates
  • Cut time spent moving call recordings to ZERO
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