We are proud to support the mission of LAAIA:

The Latin American Association of Insurance Agencies is an association of insurance professionals whose purpose is to protect the rights of its members for the benefit of the consumer through education, information, networking and active participation in the political environment and community service.


Our company shares a common set of values with the Latin American community and we are pleased to offer these valuable services to its members.

1. All new members will receive a $50 gift card from Bluewave to use in any way you choose just by becoming a member.

2. Members will be granted access to our exclusive Technology Forum. This forum provides a way to get valuable and FREE technology questions answered by your agency.

3. We will provide a huge 30% discount to your agency if you choose to use our Bluewave VoIP services in the future (including QQ Catalyst integration)

If you are not a member, please visit their website at LAAIA.com. 

To claim your benefits and activate your Technology Forum account, please contact us via email at sales@yourbluewave.com. We will verify your membership and contact you with further details after that.

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