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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Blue Ocean Technologies is proud to welcome Ted Todd Insurance to the Bluewave VoIP family.


About Ted Todd Insurance

Originally from Oakland City, Indiana, Ted started selling insurance in 1986 and operated out of a small booth in the Sears store at Edison Mall in Fort Myers. Just three years later, he switched from "employee" to "exclusive agent" status with Allstate and opened a small office in Gateway with two full-time employees. Today, Ted Todd Insurance has become one of the largest Allstate agencies in the country, with a total of seven offices in Florida with over 60 employees.


“We've spent a great deal of money on phone systems in the past that promised features that didn't exist once installation was over, so were skeptical about Blue Ocean's claims to help us grow. We have seven offices across the state of Florida and needed a sophisticated system to integrate all of our offices", says Danny Trejo Marketing Director. 

"All the recommended VoIP solutions out there were basically the same on paper but something about Blue Ocean stood out so we flew to Birmingham to see for ourselves. We knew what we wanted, decided it didn't really exist with the other VoIP providers, so tasked Blue Ocean with creating a custom solution for us. They delivered everything we wanted as promised and on time."

"What really makes us proud of our investment though is their knowledge of our business and telephony. They have taught us ways to redesign our business to enhance our customer's experience we never dreamed possible.

Ted Todd says, "We now have big screen monitors in each sales room that have created an incredible level of positivity. It gives us a way for all staff to see real time performance and is driving teamwork resulting in substantial improvements in goal attainment i.e. number of calls answered, reducing queue time, wait time, and abandoned calls. Our customers are happier. Blue Ocean is and will continue to be an integral part of and partner in our continued growth." 

Ted Todd Insurance
239 768 7000
10676 Colonial Blvd Ste 20
Fort Myers, FL 33913  

About Blue Ocean Technologies

Blue Ocean Technologies is a business VoIP provider headquartered in Birmingham Alabama. Blue Ocean was founded in 2006 by two telecom veterans to reach the emerging VoIP market serving both domestic and international customers. Blue Ocean specializes in the insurance market by delivering features and knowledge of specific value to the insurance sector.

"Ted Todd Insurance is a great partner for us. They told us what they wanted and listened to us when we suggested alternate strategies. Their vision and our team's expertise created a truly magnificent system for them and it is great to see the success it is bringing to their agency." 

"Our strength is listening to our customers and challenging them to think past the 'old way' of doing business over the phone. Ted Todd is a forward thinker. They understood that and embraced the technology and how to do business on the phone in the 21st century. That makes for a great relationship. " says Charlie Griffin Vice President.

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