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The customer experience makes or breaks your brand

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Customer demands are ever evolving and changing. They are shaped by technology, social media, and the expectations of instant gratification of a new generation. How prepared is your agency to meet this evolving customer service challenge?

Your customers are familiar with technology and innovations from a variety of sources. They experience self-service tools, websites that are optimized for mobile devices, social media outlets, and instant quotes from companies across the globe.


This is great except that THEY EXPECT THIS FROM YOU AS WELL!


We have become conditioned to the super simplicity of ordering from and albeit unfairly we project this onto every company we look to do business with.

That's a tough position to be in right?

Competitive insurance agencies realize they need market to the growing millennial population, which means creating and maintaining a social media presence online along with a myriad of other things on your customer’s technology wish list. It is easy to get lost chasing the proverbial tail of the whims of customers in regards to technology. But there is good news here.

In the midst of all this there is solace in a few facts that are still in your favor.

Take a look:

A whopping 81% of Americans still use the TELEPHONE as their primary device to interface with you.*

This is good news and a message we have espoused for years. The good, old telephone still is king and yet it is the last thing on most people's minds when looking to create that great customer experience.

If that isn't enough, look at these results from a recent study on customer frustration*:



Again, great news because the top 3 complaints can all be solved by a good VoIP phone system provided by a competent company who knows how an insurance agency works AND understands the customers’ expectations.

Technology is something to address for sure in your strategic business plan to keep up with the times. But the easiest, simplest, most cost effective way to address almost all of your customer’s frustrations is with the telephone system.

Take a minute and give that some head space and reach out to your vendor or if you don't have one call us. We'll be glad to help!



*source 2015 Global Customer Service Report, Parature.


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